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Why is Blue Vegetarian Cheese so special?

Happy cows (and other milk producing animals) produce rich, healthy milk and so most specialist cheese producers do their best to keep their bovine friends smiling. These animals are often found roaming freely amongst walnut, hazel and sweet chestnut trees and feed on grasses all year long. Many of the farmers involved in milk production try to ensure that the fodder that is grown on their farms is GM free.

With a plentiful supply of vegetarian rennet easily available, there is an increasing trend to use vegetarian rennet in all cheese production. However some traditional cheeses are still made using animal rennet. There is no way of knowing for certain which cheeses are vegetarian as there is a distinct lack of clear labelling on cheeses.
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The Secret of Vegetarian Blue Cheese?

The secret of the rich, creamy, vegetarian cheese produced in Britain lies in the special recipes that most cheese producers pride themselves on. Some of these recipes have been in the family for many generations. Cheese makers are passionate about the quality of their cheese, and carefully manage the process from the field right through to the cheese being placed on the plate.

The process of production varies depending on the sort of cheese required. The type of milk used, the culture, maturing time and the location often influences the end product.
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Vegetarian Blue Cheese

How Is Vegetarian Blue Cheese Made?

The following simplified description for making vegetarian blue cheese will illustrate the basic procedure.

Raw milk is delivered to the cheese dairy and pumped into large aluminium or stainless steel vats. The milk is heated to a temperature of around 300C. A live culture is added to start it off; this is followed by the addition of vegetarian rennet and allowed to set for about one and a half hours. The rennet curdles the milk and enables the milk solids to be separated from liquid whey. The process of doing this is by 'cutting' the set milk to release the liquid. Only 10 % of the original quantity of milk remains as solids which eventually becomes cheese. Salt is added to the mix and the solids are loaded into cylindrical moulds.

The vegetarian blue cheeses are turned every four hours whilst the whey drips away. Each cheese is spiked with a five-pronged fork to aerate it. Each batch is left to mature for three to four weeks during which time the delicate blue marbled effect is created. After the maturation period every cheese is quality checked and labelled before it is pronounced ready for your plate.