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Vegetarian Blue Cheese

Britain's Best Blue Cheeses

Traditional Vegetarian Blue Cheese

Traditional Blue Cheese

Vegetarian blue cheese is made from the milk of cows, sheep, goats or buffaloes. It is one of the enormous varieties of different cheeses generally available. Vegetarian blue cheese gets its name from a blue mould called penicillium roqueforti which is added to the cheese. The diverse flavours and textures of various vegetarian blue cheeses are produced by introducing the mould at different stages in the process. Sometimes the culture is added to the milk at the beginning of the process and sometimes it is injected into cheese after the cheese has been formed. The culture is also a way of speeding up the maturation process producing a strong tasting cheese in a relatively short time.
Natural Vegetarian Blue Cheese

Natural and Delicious Vegetarian Blue Cheese

There are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK. Penicillium roqueforti is a blue mould which is added to the cheese during the cheese making process. When it is introduced will depend on what kind of result is required. There are over 70 of of these natural and delicious vegetarian blue cheeses available in the UK. Some of the best known ones are described further on.
 Vegetarian Blue Cheese Idea 

Vegetarian Blue Cheese

Vegetarian Blue Cheese

Vegetarian blue cheese is made by using vegetarian rennet. Rennet is an enzyme that coagulates milk causing it to separate into solids (which is the basis of cheese) and a liquid called whey which also has other uses. Although traditionally animal rennet has been used to make cheese, vegetarians have sought alternative sources through the ages. Homer in the Iliad suggests using the extract of fig juice to coagulate milk. A decoction of stinging nettles, or dried caper leaves and thistles are other examples of sources of vegetarian rennet.
Vegetarian blue cheese is available from many outlets including regional Farmers' markets.